About Us

Dgarch is a Mumbai based architecture studio with an international portfolio of clients, a reputation for inspiring work, built to high standards, and a strong supporting commitment to research and development across the fields of architecture, project management, interior design, urban planning, product design and branding.

Our practice has operated as a highly qualified and motivated team since 1993 and continues to grow as we keep evolving our relationship with architecture by employing a rigorous design methodology which keeps us at the forefront of technology and innovation.

We have built a reputation on the quality of our designs and delivery of projects, our attention to detail and our passion for connecting people to their environments. Every aspect of a design from the choice of materials to the physical and cultural context is carefully considered in order to create exemplary spaces.

Dgarch has always worked closely with clients and consultants to develop creative, elegant and sustainable building projects and has actively set out to foster young, talented architects, in the belief that talent and experience are mutually supportive in architectural practice.